Terms and Conditions

Validity Vouchers

Vouchers purchased from the UK Owl and Raptor Centre are valid for 12 months (unless stated otherwise) and are non-extendable. Vouchers purchased from third-party companies may have a different validity period, please check with them.

Purchasing Vouchers

Vouchers purchased from the UK Owl and Raptor Centre are posted within 2-3 working days from purchase. Purchasing vouchers can be done either via our website, or, over the telephone. 


Experience vouchers are refundable up to 14 days from receiving your voucher, this may be via email, or post. A request for refund must be made to us by email.

There are NO refunds for event tickets. Vouchers will not be refunded if we have to rearrange your experience due to weather, welfare or operational factors - vouchers can be extended if the voucher is near the end of its validity. Refunds will also not be given due to any cancelled experiences due to COVID-19, either by us or the guests. 

Experience Days

There are rules that must be abided by on our experience days, these rules will be given to the participants at the beginning of the session along with a safety briefing. Should these rules not be followed, the UK Owl and Raptor Centre reserve the right to stop the experience at any time and with no refund offered. We will not accept anybody who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, again, no refund will be offered. Experiences will go ahead in all weather, unless it is considered to be dangerous weather which may impact the welfare of our birds and staff, we make the decision to cancel 24hr before your session and will contact you by telephone and if we cannot reach you, by email, in this instance a refund will not be offered, but an extension on the voucher will be provided if the voucher is nearing the end of it's validity. We take no responsibility for any losses incurred if your experience has been cancelled.

Guests who have an experience day booked and need to reschedule must do so 7 days in advance else a rebooking fee will apply. Cancellation from the guest does not warrant a refund, unless the voucher was purchased within the last 14 days. 


Events tickets are non-refundable, however, a refund will be offered should we make the decision to cancel the event. Admission to any event will not be allowed if the guest is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, with no refund offered. 

Event Attendance, Schools & Weddings

We have separate terms and conditions for each of these services, these will be supplied to our clients at time of booking.

Discount Vouchers

We reserve the right to withdraw these vouchers from use at any time, they may not be used outside of their validity and they have no cash value or alternative offer than what is stated on the voucher itself. 

Summer 2021 Promotion
We reserve the right to stop the sale of these vouchers at any time. Any vouchers which have been purchased and not used by the expiry date will become invalid. We reserve the right to postpone experiences due to operational and weather factors - should this be the case, a refund will not be issued, an extension to the vouchers validity will be given. The summer 2021 promotion vouchers are only valid for experiences Monday - Friday and cannot be used for weekend sessions.