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2024 Educational Workshops

A little bit about us!

The UK Owl and Raptor Centre are specialists in the care and education of Owls and Birds of Prey. Over the years we have visited hundreds of schools and youth clubs to provide high-quality educational workshops covering an array of subjects which link to the national curriculum and topics being covered in the classroom such as woodland and nocturnal animals or habitats and food-chains.

Before each visit, we will ask if there are any specific topics which we can cover in order to help compliment the learning objectives of the group. We want the visit to be fun and educational and to help you reach your goals.

To allow us to offer our visits, we are licenced under the zoo licencing act and have full employers and public liability insurance. We have risk assessments available for our visits and our staff are Enhanced DBS checked.

Grovewood Primary School

We invited the UK Owl and Raptor Centre to run a 'Birds of Prey Club' for us. The children (and staff) absolutely loved this amazing opportunity to get close to the birds and learn more about them. The staff of the UK Owl and Raptor Centre were so good with the children, being patient and answering all their questions; it's clear that they really care about their birds and their welfare.

In addition, they ran a couple of whole day events where entire year groups of children could get involved. The looks on the children's faces when an owl flew low over their heads in our sports hall was something to be seen!

We highly recommend this experience to our colleagues in other schools.


  NEW FOR 2024  

A Workshop with Owls

A Workshop with Owls is a perfect session to introduce groups of all ages to the wonderful world of owls. From little to large, we will discover the hidden lives of these secretive birds as we travel the world from frozen forests and sun-baked grasslands. Whether you are reading the book "Owl Babies" or looking to have a more in-depth view of food chains, habitats and adaptations, we can do so in a fun and educational way!

Some of the animal ambassadors whom you may meet!

1. January.jpg


One of the most iconic owls on the planet, the Barn Owl. A native species which is easily identified thanks to their heart shaped face, which is used to help locate their prey!



Kofi is the largest of the African species of owls and is the third largest species of owl on the planet! The Verreaux's Eagle Owl has incredible hunting tactics and he will make a hall feel small! 


Dave, our Great Grey Owl is a cold climate specialist, capable of living in temperatures down to minus 20ºc and is the tallest species of owl on the planet!


The Long Eared Owl is one of the 5 native species of Owl which we find here in England! They are are species which is hard to spot thanks to their incredible camouflage!

This workshop can be offered in either a 60-Minute or a 90-Minute format, depending on what your objectives, age group and time constraints are with prices starting from £189*. The time can be split into smaller sessions as well to allow for more age targeted talks (eg. split 90 minutes into 2 x 45 minute sessions).

*Depending on your school's location travel fees may apply, get in touch for an accurate quote! This workshop requires access to a hall for the talk to take place, we will ask for photographs of the hall at the time of booking to allow us to identify any hazards to the birds which we may need to address (eg. large uncovered windows). Prices may be subject to +VAT.

We are actively working on new and exciting educational workshops to launch in 2024 and 2025, so keep an eye out!

Enhanced DBS Checked Staff.

Fully Licenced and Insured.

Risk Assessed.

Once booked, a booking pack will be sent to you with all the relevant details.

Let's create an accurate package for you!
We will aim to get back to you within 48hr.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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