Experience Days
Share our passion for birds of prey

If you have a passion or interest in birds of prey and would love to get up-close and personal with these incredible birds,  one of our experience days will be perfect for you! This is a great chance to handle and fly some amazing species of owls and birds of prey from around the world whilst gaining a greater understanding and respect for them whilst the experience is being led by a professional handler.

All of our experiences are held at Groombridge Place (Tunbridge Wells, Kent) in groups of up to 4 participants.
Experiences do not include entry into Groombridge Place. The estate is CLOSED to the public for the winter, so you will only be able to attend for your experience session with us. 

(See www.groombridgeplace.com for opening days and hours, we run experiences even when the estate is closed)

All experiences MUST be pre-booked, we cannot accept guests without a booking.

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  The Children's Owl Experience  

This experience is for those smaller Owl lovers who would like to meet some of the smaller Owls on the team!

Minimum age: 8 Years.


  The Owl Experience  

A chance to meet some little and large Owls from around the world in this 90 minute experience!


 The Bird of Prey Experience 

From Hawks to Eagles, this experience is for those who would like to meet a variety of Birds of Prey!

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  The Family Owl Experience  

For the family, this private Owl Experience is a perfect session for those with any young Owl Lovers!

Minimum age: 8 Years.

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