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with Corinne Pardey Photography 

Photography workshops are a new collaboration between the UK Owl and Raptor Centre and Corinne Pardey Photography to deliver high quality workshops to allow photographers of all abilities the chance to learn how to capture incredible photographs of stunning birds of prey.


These three hour workshops will see participants having the opportunity to capture images of a variety of raptors both in portrait and flying scenes in our flying arena within the Groombridge Place Estate (unless specified elsewhere, eg. woodland). The key aspect of these workshops are to give participants the opportunity to practice and hone in on their existing skills with live birds of prey in controlled conditions whilst surrounded by the natural environment.

The atmosphere of the day will be very relaxed to allow guests the time to focus on achieving their own aims of the workshop and to enable the chance to ask Corinne any questions. 

During our workshops we will cover topics which may include (depending on your selected workshop); basic camera handling to help you whilst in the field, practicing in-flight shots with the use of shutter speeds and help with various compositions to encourage participants to think more about what they want in the image. 

Required Equipment

A DSLR, Compact System or Bridge Camera are advised for this workshop due to the settings we will be changing - if you have a different camera to this but are still interested, please get in touch and we can see what might be possible.

Preferably a lens with a minimum reach of 200mm. This will allow you to zoom in to the birds whilst maintaining adequate distance for animal welfare. 

*Remember to fully charge your batteries and have spares to hand on the day*

Prior experience & accessibility note

This workshop is open to ALL and we endeavour to cater for all needs during the session. If you have any special requirements that we may need to be aware of, please get in touch prior to booking. This workshop may involve walking for short periods on inclines and most of the experience is likely to be on very uneven terrain due to the nature of the fields and woodland.  


About the photographer

Corinne has done photography as a hobby since the age of 15. Just starting with random objects around the house and the various flowers in the garden it soon became linked with her fascination with the natural world around her and drew her into becoming a wildlife photographer. 


Having studied Photography at A-levels she then went on to working in a camera store for several years and being a part of the photography course team. Here she delivered beginner photography lessons and big cat photography courses to develop people's knowledge in manual photography.


Corinne also has a degree in Animal Conservation and Biodiversity, because of this her understanding of the natural world goes far beyond that through a camera lens. She has built up field skills that allow her to explore and understand an animals behaviour and seasonal cycles to aid in her photography. Some of which she will be able to feed into the workshop on the day.

Our 2024 Workshops

Bluebell Owls Workshop (MOSTLY SOLD OUT) - Spring time only. Join us on a unique adventure designed for both novice and experienced photographers alike nestled in the heart of lush bluebell-filled woodlands. This workshop provides a rare opportunity to capture stunning images of majestic Owls and learn the art of capturing captivating compositions. You will undoubtedly leave with a portfolio of extraordinary images to cherish forever.

26th, 27th, 28th April. 2nd, 3rd and 5th May 2024. All Sessions run from 09:00 or 13:00. EXTRA DATE ADDED - 2nd May - 13:00.

Beginner Photography Workshop - Join our Beginner Photography Workshop, tailored for aspiring photographers eager to capture the beauty of the bird world. Our expert photographer will provide hands-on instruction, ensuring you leave with newfound skills and images to cherish.

Dates: 30th March (9am), 26th July (9am).

**NEW** Children's Photography Workshop - For children aged between 8 - 12 - Join our Children's Photography Workshop, tailored for aspiring photographers eager to capture the beauty of the bird world. Our expert photographer will provide hands-on instruction, ensuring you leave with newfound skills and images to cherish.

29th June (1pm) - children must be accompanied by a guardian aged 18+ or a parent throughout the workshop.

Photography Workshop - Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of Wildlife Photography, where you'll hone your skills capturing the power and grace of these incredible birds of prey in a picturesque natural setting. Practicing both static and flying shots in this controlled environment, this is a great opportunity to refine your skills for encounters in the wild.

Dates: 30th March (1pm), 18th May (9am), 19th October (9am).

Woodland Owls Workshop - Venture on an enchanting journey into the heart of the woods as you join our Woodland Owl Photography Workshop, where you'll capture the elusive beauty of these incredible creatures in a natural setting.

Dates: 18th May (1pm), 21st September (9am), 19th October (1pm)

Flying Workshop - Soar into the realm of awe-inspiring moments as you join our Flying Bird of Prey Photography Workshop, where graceful raptors in flight becomes the focal point of your lens. 

Dates: 26th July (1pm), 21st September (1pm).

When selecting a date via the booking calendar - be sure to book the correct date and time for your desired workshop. 
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