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Conservation & Research
at the UK Owl and Raptor Centre

Nest Boxes - Creating homes.

Created in 2022, our nest box project focuses on species based within the grounds of Groombridge Place. In conjunction with Wild Groombridge, a local wildlife monitoring group, we will be surveying the estate twice a year and start to paint a picture of which species are calling the estate home, and over time as we collect more data, we will be able to see trends in species to establish which are in decline in the estate and surrounding areas - and start to identify why this may be. 

Once we have more data, we can target individual species for nest box support. To date, we have 20 nest boxes up on the estate which we monitor following BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) guidelines, and chicks which are in the nests are given ID rings by a BTO authorised ringer - this data is also passed to the BTO for their records. 

We are looking to expand this project in 2023 and we will update this page with more information as we have it. 

If you wish to support our project, you can donate or buy a nest box for us to put up and monitor, below!

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